Embrace a brave new world

“How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world, that has such people in it!” -- The Tempest
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Within and beyond Career & Life coaching

Having worked extensively with leaders and individuals, I have identified the following keys that are instrumental to forge a new path in your brave new world.  

Magic space

Every time I sit down with my clients, they bring their lives into a quiet space where they can hear the voice of their hearts. Here, miracles can occur—miracles of inspiration, fulfillment, creativity, deeper peace, joy. Here, we can find real, tangible, long-lasting results.

Showing up

Showing up is the act of not giving up. We take baby steps, one foot after another, again and again despite our fears, failures, difficulties and discomforts. When we roll our sleeves and are persistent in our actions, we can move mountains! 

Look past the defects

Most of us are experts on our own defects. When we are given the space to discover our deep wells of courage and our hidden strengths, we can see new possibilities beyond our imaginations. 

Examine our beliefs

For every heartfelt dream that lies inside of us, there are layers of hardened old beliefs, judgments, disappointments, and fears that serve as obstacles blocking us from what we yearn to have. When we are brave and bold enough to face them without running away, and when we are honest with ourselves with full acceptance and compassion, these patterns and beliefs lose their powers and dissolve away. Our hearts are lighter and our feet are faster.

Profoundly silly or just silly

Often I see sparkles in my clients’ eyes when they feel okay to be themselves, to be silly, to be playful, to loosen up, to laugh at themselves and with me. Small shifts occur and big insights emerge from the space of lightness. 

It’s all about muscles

I know I’m not playing full out and when I’m shying away from my commitments to tell the truth. It took me time to build these honesty muscles. The same goes for my clients: muscles of tenderness, compassion, acceptance, persistence, patient and self-support are key to the heavy lifting of heartfelt dreams. Together, we will create and ritualise your habits and routines to build inner muscles. 


Your investment is anything between £1500 to £9000 for a 3 – 12 month tailored program, and much more:  your time, energy and commitment!

The first step – Introduction Conversation

The best way to find out whether I can help you – and for both of us to find out whether we’ll be a good fit for each other – is to have a 60 minute no-obligation introduction conversation.

During this conversation, we will find out about the brave new world in which you want to live. We will lay out where your life is now, where you would like it to be, and whether you might benefit from working with someone like me on your journey from your current reality to your vision. We’ll discuss frequency of sessions and explore any questions you have about the process. If we both believe there’s a fit, we’ll go forward into a coaching relationship and create a strong coaching agreement together.

Bespoke program

Depending on your unique challenges, vision and priorities, we might choose one of the following options. I am flexible in how I work with different people. 

  • Regular program
    One-to-one coaching program that lasts between 3 months and a year:

    1. Two or three 45 to 60 minute sessions per month.
    2. Regular email contact.
    3. Between-session work that expands and adds to your progress.
    4. “Spot coaching” for any urgent needs between regular sessions.
    5. Accountability that we design together to ensure you’re giving and getting maximum benefit from our coaching relationship.
    6. And my promises to you.


  • Special program

    1. Half day, one day or multi day intensive.
    2. Experience program, involving travelling to inspiring locations and taking part in unique activities.

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