Embrace a brave new world

“How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world, that has such people in it!” -- The Tempest
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Ronal, MBA, Entrepreneur

“Yu has enabled a magical transformation. Through seemingly simple conversations, Yu’s intense listening and ability to grasp the essence of sometimes quite abstract issues, very quickly helped me to resolve my blockages and create a path for the future. Her ability to ask the right questions to resolve tensions in myself really helped to bring harmony to the different areas pulling in my life. I have naturally found myself focused, optimistic, full of action and positively determined for the future.

Azariah France-Williams, Writer & Vicar

“Yu Du is insightful, no nonsense, and clear sighted. Yu has effectively led me on a journey of discovery to a braver, more authentic version of myself.

During our sessions her perceptive listening and penetrating questions did not allow me to lick my wounds. No she called out my fight and focus when I was prone to shy away from the steps necessary to sustain positive change.

Author, Oliver Wendell Holmes said: “For the simplicity on this side of complexity, I wouldn’t give you a fig. But for the simplicity on the other side of complexity, for that I would give you anything I have.”

Yu has distilled through experience, discipline, and rigour a depth of wisdom which can unlock the trickiest challenge, and embolden and evolve the most timid agent.”Robyn Appleton, Artist

“Yu’s deep listening was transformative. Her questions dug beneath the layers of resistance and self doubt that were blocking my dream of creating a collaborative, inclusive community. We both shared together the intense joy and excitement that working towards the dream would bring.

“It is rare that someone is so invested in another’s experience that they can physically and emotionally share it with them but that is exactly what happened. French philosopher Simone Weil maintained that ‘Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.’ I am so grateful to have experienced and benefited from this same kind of generosity from Yu. I would very much like to pass that experience on to others.

“Through our deep conversations I came to understand that I really must continue with my research and find other like-minded people to work with, so that the collaborative, inclusive community becomes a reality.”Dr Pantea Lotfian, Managing Director

“What stood out for me was my coach, Yu’s willingness to challenge my assumptions and question my long held beliefs. By doing so she helped me discover my blind spots to the issue. For me, coaching is powerful when it helps shift my thinking. My coach achieved that by her gentle persistence on pushing me out of my established beliefs. As the result of the sessions I have work to do but at the same time I am energized to make the changes as I can see the full picture now.”Jeffery Myers, Social entrepreneur

“I had the privilege to work with Yu, which was very powerful and enlightening. We dove in on different experiences within my life’s past and present, in order to find the strong connections which may affect me today. We explored my strengths and weaknesses, and the elements which fuel them. We looked at the outside influences that helped create my perspective, and we determined how these perspectives affect me mentally, physically, and emotionally. Nevertheless we tied everything towards my vision and what I wanted to create with my understandings and awareness. The experience was eye opening and very useful in many ways to the extent that I would recommend it to any person looking for effective tools to help develop and support their personal growth. Thanks again for everything you are doing to help support the world at large!”Dr Orlando Fernandez – Thought leader

“Working with Yu helped me to see a confusing aspect of my life in a new way. The conversations were illuminating and made me aware of contradictory feelings that needed to be resolved in order to move forward. We concentrated on these feelings and found out that the contradiction that I was feeling was more a feeling than an actual fact. Yu helped me to clarify my assumptions and she left me in a position in which I can take it forward. She did it with a lot of tact and patience, but relentlessly, not allowing me to falter until we reached a breakthrough. Only when we had reached a milestone did we conclude. I appreciated her energy and commitment and I look forward to have more of these conversations in the future.”Deya Fileva, Entrepreneur & Founder

“Yu is truly an exceptional coach. She dived straight in from session one which is one of the ways to tell a great coach. I reached out to her for help with our business purpose and strategy. She really provided great insights for my business and I felt that I managed to achieve the breakthrough I needed at the time and things started to come together. She gave me homework before our first session which is great. I’d really recommend her for anyone hungry to go really deep in understanding and developing the purpose of their business’s existence and moving it forward.

Xing Wang – Chartered accountant

“The experience was intense for me. The topics we covered were the ones that I have consciously or subconsciously tried to avoid in the past. The very understanding and trusting approach made me open up and dig deeper into those areas. I thoroughly enjoyed this powerful conversation and find it very meaningful to me, especially at this stage in my life. There are two concepts that I feel were particularly helpful. One was ‘design your future’ which is totally a new way of thinking for me. The other was ‘what I want to do in my life’, rather than ‘should, could, would’. I believe these two concepts are inter-connected and will help me take a new approach in terms of finding out what I really what to do, and how I can achieve it and make positive changes in my life.”